Workshop Reflective

This workshop gave the opportunity to research and analyse the issue of events creating pro drug environments. We looked into the ways in which imagery at events and promotional techniques influence the type of attendee with industry examples as well as encouraging the audience to engage with each aspect of the workshop.


We aimed for the information put forward and discussions held to take a different aspect to drug prevention and awareness. A very hands of approach was used with the first activity allowing for participants to retain anonymity whilst giving honest opinions of delicate questions around the subject area. This was really helpful in gaining honest data about the event managers of tomorrow. Understanding the collective viewpoint on the subject enabled us to tailor other portions of the workshop to the angle of the attendees.


Providing a lot of visual and interactive features was at the heart of our approach. Engaging content was key to ensuring participation especially where a discussion topic can often present sensitive and sheltered information. We worked hard to create a relaxed environment around such a touchy subject. Attendees of the workshop are the professionals of tomorrow. Being able to engage, interact and educate on this type of subject will help in confronting and generating resolution for these issues.


One clear area for development of this workshop would be to create a narrower focus for the research. Exploring deeper into a specific area of the subject would really challenge the audience who had demonstrated a base of information collected prior to the workshop. Although we used case studies that were relevant to many of the attendees, deeper focus and discussion would have provided a better opportunity to educate the audience in specific topics.


Although discussion was fought from both perspectives of the subject, audience response and center of opinion seemed toward the pro drug environment. Event attendee behavior is changing and the social acceptance of drug culture is causing a bigger fight for control and management of an event. Creating greater awareness of the industry we will shortly be a part of helps prepare future event planners with tackling these issues whilst understanding all aspects of the problem.


The workshop gave me the opportunity to collect information and opinions on the subject for a variety of different perspectives. It taught me that by looking at an issues form different viewpoints, a balanced assessment can be made giving a wider breadth of knowledge to develop personal thoughts towards an issue. Tackling a problem from different angles allows for development of analysed strategy for the most effective solution.


Encouraging the audience to contribute details of personal experiences within the subject area, both the audience and team members were able to work together to generate identify the areas in which an issue arose and discuss and be critical of the factors causing the problem as well as suggestions of ways to combat the issue.


Being a part of teaching process of this subject enabled me to develop a different relationship with the issue. Rather than focusing understanding based on personal opinion, I was able to assess personal viewpoints against those of my peers. Understanding and analysis of different areas of the issue allowed be to develop a greater scope of knowledge as well as share this and educated other event managers also. As a teacher, a greater bank of knowledge was required so varied research gave me a wider focus and assessment of what the effect of different factors had on increasing or decreasing the problem.


Case study analysis of the approaches to marketing of different venues and types of events has enabled me to witness the ways in which different brands and organisers tailor their strategy to the consumer. Different events have different types of customer. Seeing the ways in which content is used for identifying with different demographics has given me a visual demonstration of target market segmentation and identification. Generating attendee interest for events is essential in the pathway to success. Being able to tailor strategy to identify a clear image of the event will enable focus for promotional planning and delivery.



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