Gen Y – An entitled generation of wants and needs

Gen Y are no strangers to getting what they want. This generation is a great difference from their predecessors showing a strong ethical and moral perspective on the world around them. A foundation based on an ethos of global consciousness as well as value association and awareness amongst networks is at the heart of what makes them tick.


Actively participating in a digital society with networks of individuals with similar interests and values is at the core of how these guys like to interact with one another. This web means that as event managers, we are to change traditional approaches to conference design in order to create an engaged environment for these new professionals. Although connection promotes collective grouping of those with similar interests, personalization is key for ensuring Gen Y’ers truly engage with the event experience.


Tailor made services for Gen Y conference attendees are a great way to promote engagement through greater depth of experiential aspects including co creation aid to events. Allowing attendees to have a direct input towards the organisation or delivery processes creates a deeper connection and tangibility to the value of an event. Appealing to the ‘me-centric’ characteristics displayed in many Gen Yers; conference managers are able to really engage with the attendees and encourage greater participation.


Ensuring that the event caters to the needs of being ‘special and involved’ there is creation of personal association. Establishing a basis for relationship management, the manager is be able to direct a more personalized experience to the attendee. As well as this the changing societal and psychological influences demands even more from a conference. The need for complete all round engagement and networking is essential. Digital dependence drives demand for new forms of virtual attendance and integration at events.


Examples of this are creating discussion forums for real time conference dialog and communication. Building conversion networks between attendees across a variety of platforms is essential for conference success. The conversation takes engagement to new levels and generating new platforms for tangible experience both before and after the event.


Communication and input sharing platforms has the ability to transform the way in which your attendees communicate and network with each other. Understanding the ways in which Gen Y behave allows for greater participation and retention of information. This generates conference loyalty as well as increased perception of value towards the event.


An environment where there is a constant hunt for the newest trend, conference organisers must be very aware of the marketplace around them. Ensuring that the conference reflects and incorporates the most up to date technology, communication styles and design are pivotal is ensuring attendance. Much of the millennial buying behavior is the value perception associated with a product or service. Developing demographically accurate targeted experience, buying behavior is likely to be reflect the increase of value perception. Personalization is KEY.


For a Gen Y driven audience the phrase ‘no expense spared’ should not be unfamiliar in your vocabulary. They want to see that what they’re engaging with and taking time out of their busy lifestyle for has value and benefit to them. Skimping on costs will reflect in the entire perception of the event.


This audience demands the best of the best and will not see a benefit if information is delivered by second rate speakers. Entertainment is a key factor in developing a psychological relationship with the attendee. Creating an environment where each aspect to the conference has an aspect of fun provides great incentive to engage and respond to conference content.


Making sure that all aspects of the conference are digitally integrated is only one level of integration required by the tech savvy attendees. Creating social networks online for both pre and post event participation will increase the lifecycle of modern conferences. Attendees want to be able to not only connect with fellow attendees prior to the event but also begin the conversation early.


This conversation will continue much further than the initial conference itself and has finished giving the opportunity to share/debate ideas and opinions formulated from the event. Increasing the scope of an event generates new avenues to communicate and connect with the attendee. This builds a relationship on a personalized level with each individual ensuring that the conference makes full accommodation for the wants and needs of the attendee.


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